Regenerative Building II

January 31, 2021

In our last blog post, we described an experiment to reduce the impact of new buildings on the environment using regenerative design.

Earlier in 2020, David Odeh participated in an architectural design studio at the Georgia Institute of Technology exploring another aspect of regenerative design, in the context of historic preservation and adaptive reuse in the inner city.

Students in the studio competed for the annual Portman Prize. In 2020, the studio focused on the transformation of a 1950s era department store in downtown Atlanta, the H.L. Green building.

In the continuously evolving urban core, engineers and architects must collaborate to preserve both the physical and cultural fabric of the city. Using sustainable design principles, and creative approaches to reuse of existing foundations and structure, engineers play an important role in building the palimpsest of the built environment.

David Odeh contributed an article to the Studio book on a similar transformation in downtown Providence, the adaptive reuse of South Street Landing.

Student presentations

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